Is it a Cake or is it a Cookie?

We had our company holiday party last night and I usually bring with a tray of Christmas cookies but it was held so late this year that all the cookies have already been eaten or aren’t too fresh anymore! I didn’t have time to prepare ahead as we did not get home Wednesday night until after 11…so I had to do something that would be fairly quick, yet still awesome! I settled on a cookie cake, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a cookie cake!?

I’ve only made a few cookie cakes in my day but they’ve always turned out and tasted just like a cookie, except giant! So I took the tried and true ‘bake shop cookies” ( ) recipe I posted previously and made one giant cookie instead of a batch of cookies. To my surprise, it turned out to have somewhat of a cake-like consistency rather than a soft, chewy cookie. The taste was all there, but the texture was different! This got me thinking, is it something in this recipe in particular that made it turn out this way or perhaps was it the cooking time? (Sidenote: Josh was kind enough to volunteer to watch the cake for me so I threw it in the oven and headed to bed! He said he took it out when the timer went off but it looked too gooey in the middle so he threw it back in for 5 minutes and then took it out)! It didn’t look overly browned and was still soft to the touch in the center but this could possibly be part of the reason for the cake-like consistency…I usually take cookies out when they almost still look raw, as they continue to cook in the pan for a little while.

All in all though, this was not a bad mistake! It turned out to be, literally a cookie cake; a cake that tasted like a chocolate chip cookie, a winner in my book! And I even remembered to take a pic of this one…ignore the decorating, that’s not my strong suit…yet! But I plan on getting plenty of practice with all my new gadgets from the wedding so I have confidence that I will only go up from here!


About valuptuousvittles

I am a chiropractor with a passion for eating, baking and wine! It seems that my life is consumed by food, whereas most people eat to live, I live to eat!

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