Soup du jour!

After dinner last night, it is now my mission to learn how to make an amazingly delicious flourless chocolate cake! We ate at a little French place called Cafe Bernard in Lincoln Park. Aside from being the only people dining at the time (we had very early reservations so we could make it on time to a 7:00 play), the atmosphere was very nice; small, dimly lit, and romantic. Being the most indecisive person I’ve ever known, I always do my research ahead of time and check out a restaurant’s menu before arriving. This saves me hours of grueling decision making at the restaurant, which ultimately postpones eating! I had settled upon the french onion soup (a definite for me whenever present on any menu) and jumbo sea  scallops with a balsamic reduction…that was until they presented us with an amazing $20 three-course prix fixe menu!

Unfortunately the prix fixe menu did not have the scallops as an option for an entree so I decided to go with the crepes. They sounded super delicious after all, chicken, shiitake mushrooms, and carrots with a parmesan-swiss garlic cream sauce. To my surprise, these were not quite as delicious as they sounded, which left me somewhat disappointed! The crepe itself had little to no flavor at all, and felt more like a tortilla than a crepe. And the sauce, as delectable as it sounds tasted more like cream than cheese, which for me was a let down since I’m such a cheesehead! The soup however was absolutely wonderful, a little salty, but I am not one to complain about salt! The Gruyère was perfectly melted with a little crispness around the edges of the bowl (my favorite part)! Now, on to the best part of every meal, dessert!

I am a chocoholic and only really eat chocolate desserts (sad I know) so when I saw the flourless chocolate cake, I needn’t look any further! I’ve had quite a few flourless chocolate cakes in my days and this one was one of the best! It was incredibly rich and velvety, pairing perfectly the bottle of Graves Bordeaux we had ordered. As aforementioned, I love me some chocolate, so another perk to this was its size. Usually flourless chocolate cakes are miniscule servings surrounded by some type of caramel or sauce spread elegantly all around the plate. This piece (and I wish I had taken a picture of the actual piece I ate, but this picture is pretty darn close, caramel included), was the size of a slice of pie! It was to die for!

Stay tuned as I begin the challenge of baking an even more delicious flourless chocolate cake!


About valuptuousvittles

I am a chiropractor with a passion for eating, baking and wine! It seems that my life is consumed by food, whereas most people eat to live, I live to eat!

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