Sweet Deal!

Another whirlwind of a weekend has come to a close and I am finally able to gather my thoughts! Lots of good times were had…rang in a friend’s 30th birthday and celebrated a beautiful wedding! A few important things I learned this weekend….oreos are much more delicious when covered in chocolate, a chocolate malt from Oberweis has around 7 scoops of ice cream in it and one person can eat an entire container of hummus and bag of pretzel thins in one sitting! Just a word of advice to be careful for any or all of these!

Spur of the moment decision Sunday morning, my brother and Josh decided to have a family gathering at my grandparents house. We swam, barbecued and played with my little niece/Godchild Ari (short for Arianna)! It ended up being the perfect ending to such a great weekend! Lucky for me, my mom had a few bananas that were getting quite ripe so I volunteered to take them of her hands for her, which leads me to my next project….baking a new banana bread, one I’ve never made before! This may sound like an easy task, but I have tried hundreds of banana bread recipes only to find a few that I really like!

The other day while making my famous ‘fried peanut butter and banana sandwich’ I realized that I love the combination of peanut butter with bananas. Actually, this is the only way I will ever even eat a banana; well that or if it is covered in chocolate and frozen! This is the easiest, most delicious sandwich you will ever eat! To make:  saute a cut up banana in butter, cinnamon and sugar until caramelized. Butter one side of two slices of bread, and slather peanut butter on the non-buttered side. In the same skillet that you sauteed the bananas, add one of the slices of bread, butter side down, add the sauteed bananas and cover with the other slice of bread, peanut butter side down (like you would make a grilled cheese). Grill until browned to your liking!

Getting back to the task at hand though, tonight I decided that I am going to try making a peanut butter, chocolate chip banana bread! Seeing as how I am completely obsessed with peanut butter, I cannot wait to get home and try this! Just a funny side note,  I once tried to give up peanut butter for Lent and didn’t even make it past the second day! Woops…never made that mistake again! I will let you all know how it turns out!


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